What is Designer Clothing?

What is Designer Clothing?

We often hear the term ‘designer clothing’. But, do you know what is the meaning of designer clothing, or designer wear?

Designer clothing is clothing that bears the logo of a recognizable fashion designer. The clothing is not always created by the founder of the company. For example, the actual of Chanel is not its original founder and designer, Gabrielle Chanel, but German designer Karl Lagerfeld.

The quality of the clothing and degree of its resemblance, if any, to the designer’s work vary considerably depending on the licensee and the terms of the agreement the designer has struck. Some terms may limit the number of garment styles that may be produced, allowing the designer to veto any designs he or she finds unappealing. Examples include Dior, Armani, Gucci, Versace, Givenchy and many more.

designer brandsDesigner clothing often offers better quality and longer-lasting materials. They also offer the chance for a high resale value in the future, since certain fashion houses are always in demand.

Certain brands also represent certain things. For example, Ralph Lauren represents classic preppy, while Abercrombie will remind you of a skinny and popular early teen girl. Each brand has its unique self-identity which also will give the wearer prestige and identity.

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