Program Short Course Interior Design

short course program in Interior Design


2 Month Course (18 session/ 54 hours/ 3 hours a day/ 3 times a week)

3D Modelling (Using Sketch Up Make 2016)

  • Basic shape 3D modeling using sketch up make 2016
  • 3D model of interior bedroom using sketch up make 2016
  • 3D model of interior living room using sketch up make 2016
  • 3D model of small modern house (and their interior also) using sketch up make 2016

Interior Decorating

  • Brief history of interior decorating
  • Decorating principles and elements (balance, space, color and pattern)
  • Upholstery and furniture style, wall ceiling & floor finishes)
  • Visual presentation
  • Sketches for interior decorating

Perspective Class for Architecture and Interior

  • Basic One point Perspective
  • Two point perspective
  • Basic coloring techniques using water color pencils

Terms and conditions for Short Course:

  1. Complete registration form
  2. Enclose photo copy ID card / Passport / Driving license
  3. Enclose 3×4 colored photograph (1 copy)
  4. Sign the statement letter (surat pernyataan)
  5. Complete the payment for advance

For more information, please contact:
Vyoni Reviolencia, PR & Marketing
Phone 021-22774272, 0818 0649 3188