Program Short Course Fashion Design

short course program in Fashion Design

2 Months Course (18 session/ 54 hours/ 3 hours a day/ 3 times a week)

Pattern Drafting and Sewing
LEVEL 1 (Basic) Outline:

  • Operating industrial sewing machine
  • Basic sewing exercise for straight and circle lines
  • Fashion details, generalities seams, pockets, zippers, opening, etc
  • Base construction making woman’s wear (skirt & blouse)
  • Realization in fabric

LEVEL 2 (Advance) Outline:

  • Sleeve with cuff and collar construction
  • Base construction for pants
  • Dress (realization in fabric)
  • Facing and lining theory
  • Hand sewing finishing

Fashion Drawing

  • Basic fashion silhouette front view, poses, and skin coloring
  • Basic coloring technique
  • Fashion illustration
  • Basic fabric illustration

Terms and conditions for Short Course:

  1. Complete registration form
  2. Enclose photo copy ID card / Passport / Driving license
  3. Enclose 3×4 colored photograph (1 copy)
  4. Sign the statement letter (surat pernyataan)
  5. Complete the payment for advance

For more information, please contact:
Vyoni Reviolencia, PR & Marketing
Phone 021-22774272, 0818 0649 3188