inifd-interior-design-pictureInterior Design the new creative career option.
When some people see a chair, like a chair – we see it like a piece of hard work and creativity.
Its all about space, form, lightening & design. It takes all this to make interior architecture and design. If you have the inclination and fashion to create comfortable, inspiring environments that you believe people will admire, then this is your opportunity to free your talent and create a world of your own.
Interior Design course aims at evolving creative solutions for assimilation of diverse elements of interior, such as furniture, lighting, shading and material. The study helps in creating synergies between the aspects of beauty & utility.
On qualifying, students are ready for entry – level positions for both large and small commercial & residential & architectural firms.

Structures are getting bigger. Spaces are getting smaller. A professional career in Interior Design is more challenging today than ever. It combines the creative, the aesthetic, the innovative and the practical to shape and squeeze spaces.

HOMES, OFFICES, HOTELS, RESTAURANTS, MALLS, HOSPITALS, MOVIE THEATERS all need space management and innovative design. Shaping of these spaces is providing opportunities like none other.

AS A CAREER:  Jobs in real estate, exhibition design, architect firms.

AS A BUSINESS: Lucrative self-employment option.

It is a rewarding career, and the INIFD Academy of Interiors Program in Interior Design, provides a great opportunity to enter the field. This program is widely recognized as one of the best in the nation, the program has continued to maintain the highest standards for its curriculum, instructors and students.

Our graduates continue to enrich the design profession through their creative talents and dedication. Your success matters to me, and I am here to help guide and direct you to your ultimate educational and career goals.