Interior Design Ideas: Designing a Childs Room

Child's Room Design

With some thought and consideration put into it, function and fun can be incorporated intoa kid’s room, bringing together the best of both worlds. The Kids’ rooms are extremely exciting to decorate, but can also be a bit of a challenge. There are so many different things to consider when decorating a child’s room.

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Some Factors to be kept in mind while designing a kid’s room are:

• Age-Depending on the age of the child, there are certain must-haves to keep in mind. There are certain details you just cannot do without, such as a crib and baby furniture to hold all their clothing and toys. For older-aged kids, it’s more about including items in their room so they have a good time and enjoy hanging out in their bedroom. For tweens and teenagers, your goal is creating a comfortable space where they have their privacy but still have fun.

• Budget- As children keep growing their likes, dislikes, needs keep changing, so the budget to do up the room must be kept in mind so that it can be changed as per requirement.

• Child’s personality-It’s all about choosing the right pieces to include in the room, while still keeping a sense of your child’s personality in mind.

Thomas the Engine bed

• Safety For infants and toddlers, safety is always the number one issue. Everything needs to be put in its place, out of reach of the little one to make sure they stay safe and happy.

•Happiness-When it comes to incorporating function and fun, it’s all about choosing pieces that do double duty. In other words, they’re functional in more ways than one. Adding a futon into a teenager’s room gives them a place to sit with their friends and hang out, but then turns into a bed for nighttime, which works when they want to have friends sleep over.

• Comfort-Lighting and bedding are crucial, and there are ways to ensure you get the best of both worlds: function and fun. Choose a bed with cabinets on the bottom, providing more storage, an ideal place for clothes, toys, or other items. Use lamps around the room to brighten up the space, or add a chandelier hanging from the ceiling for a bit more drama.

• Storage-For younger children who love to play with lots of different toys, storage is key. Use a wall organizer to keep toys off the floor, so they stay clean and organized. Each type of toy has its own place, so the kids can easily find the toys they want, instead of digging through a single pile and having everything end up on the floor.

Organising a Child's workspace

• Organized and tidy-You want it to be a place the child enjoys, but as the parent also want to ensure the room stays tidy and organized

Let the child make the room their own by adding personal items. Framed pictures, a rug they love, pieces of art, whatever the items may be that make them feel the space is all their own, can make all the difference and add the perfect finishing touch. It also makes them feel as though they had a part in the design of their room, which is really important.