Press Release: INIFD Indonesia Launches Its Jakarta Flagship Center

From Left to Right: Gaby Pribadi (INIFD Indonesia Academy of Interior Mentor); Haseena Bharata (INIFD Indonesia Chief Mentor); Aditi Srivastava (INIFD Global President); Suwanto Gunawan (Centre Director INIFD Jakarta); Rinku Shah (INIFD Indonesia Personality Development and Grooming Mentor); and Jeffry Tan (INIFD Indonesia Fashion Design Mentor)

Press Release

Jakarta 20 June 2016.

INIFD Fashion & Interior LogoInter National Institute of Fashion Design (INIFD) & INIFD Academy of Interiors Introduces its flagship center in Jakarta, Indonesia.

After London, Chicago, Bangladesh, Nepal and Dubai, INIFD Global network now introduces its flagship center in Jakarta, Indonesia, with an aim to make local Indonesian a global citizen.                 

INIFD Indonesia is to promote quality education to provide focus to the youth of Indonesia in a singular approach to higher education balancing a real-world-based curriculum and hands-on instruction with a rigorous theory-practical environment, marrying design and business, supporting individual creativity.


Fashion design program teaches Students the elements and principles of design through the various projects such as Line and 3D project. It teaches design processes and gives a hands-on experience to the students to apply these tools in real life situations. The correct handling of fashion fabrics and proper utilization of industrial equipment is emphasized. It provides students with comprehensive overview of the fashion industry, including product development, sourcing, buying, marketing, retailing and merchandising. Students will develop an individual collection to showcase their unique philosophy and design strengths.


Interior Design Programs has been designed to expose students with the professional skills required to succeed as an Interior Designer. The course offers you a unique opportunity to develop a full career as a professional Interior Designer. In first year of this course the subject exposes the students to the basics of design and the fundamentals of design theory and it helps the designer to come up with and communicate original ideas. Students will learn the importance of various types of constructional details as applicable to interior spaces. It is very important for an interior designer to have an understanding of how to run a business and market their skills. The advance program focuses students to learn the fundamentals of the various types of working

Although the medium of instruction is in English, students will be aided with translation in Bahasa Indonesia, this is to enable them to understand the curriculum and bring them to international design standards. In addition to the 1-year Foundation, 2years advance and 3 years premium specialization courses in Fashion & Interior design, extra attention will also be given to the students’ Personality Development and Grooming.

INIFD exposes students to their chosen professions through internships, guest lectures, industry-sponsored projects, and other opportunities for experiential learning.

On Monday 20th June 2016, the invitees experienced a live demonstration of Skype-session between Jakarta & London, with Mentor Adrian Mott,

Representing INIFD Indonesia were:

  • Aditi Srivastava – Global President INIFD
  • Suwanto Gunawan – Centre Director INIFD Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Haseena Bharata – INIFD Indonesia Chief Mentor
  • Gaby Pribadi – INIFD Indonesia Academy of Interior Mentor
  • Rinku – INIFD Indonesia Personality Development and Grooming Mentor
  • Jeffry Tan – INIFD Indonesia Fashion Design Guest Speaker

During the occasion of Introduction of the new Jakarta Centre and ‘BreakFasting’.

Residing in Jakarta has made me realise the need of developing the common youth of Indonesia by working on their English Communication, Personality Development and Confidence Building which I intends to achieve through INIFD Indonesia. INIFD vision and mission is to give quality training and education to the common man to empower them and also to create employable manpower. INIFD is growing every day and the spirit to take the Design Education worldwide is unstoppable and unshakable” – Aditi Srivastava Global President INIFD

“To meet the global parameters of education we have launched Hi – Tech Campus at Jakarta with state of the art facilities and equipped with modern teaching aids, scientifically designed labs and expert faculty, to impart education in design fields – Fashion Design & Interior Design takes INIFD to Level Next for Gen Next. INIFD prepares students for professional excellence by providing the premier educational experience that fosters creativity, career focus, and a global perspective.” – Henry L. Setiawan – Country Head INIFD Indonesia

With 2 decades of existence, over 300,000 graduate students and approximately 20,000 students passing out every year, INIFD revolutionizes the entire field of Design education, keeping in sync with today’s rapidly changing dynamics of the fashion World and Interior Design.

INIFD Indonesia registered, as PT INIFD Kreasi Indonesia is situated at

Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda 76 B-C, Pondok Indah, Jakarta Selatan 1224

Telp : +62 818 0649 3188 | +62 21 2277 4272

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