FD 3rd year specialisation

Three Year Specialisation

Couture Tailoring

In this subject the students will be introduced to the couture art and expression of fine soft dressmaking with the understanding of high end draping.

Fashion Concept and Design Development

Fashion Concept & Design Development introduces the students to the complete preliminaries of a portfolio development step by step. The course aims to teach all skills and knowledge that go into making of a professional designer.

Retail Marketing and Visual Merchandising

The aim of the subject is to enable students to appreciate the unique aspects and concepts of marketing, retail marketing and visual merchandising. It focuses attention on apparel business giving a thorough knowledge of merchandising.

Care Renovation and Finishing of Textiles

The subject aims to inculcate and awareness about finishes and care techniques for different types of textiles.

Promotional Product Development

Products or services will not be sold unless people are told about them. So, in this subject the students are going to be introduced with the valuable outlined steps for creating an effective brand identity, and developing product valuable insights, exploration processes of promotions and more.