FD One year foundation program

Fashion Design Professional Programs at INIFD Indonesia

First Year

Fashion Foundation

This subject will expose the students to the basics of design and the fundamentals of fashion and design theories.Students will learn to understand and appreciate design by exploring and applying the various elements and principles of design including color interaction and their attributes. The study of the different elements and principles of design along with fashion forecasting will be the integral part of this course to build the strong foundation.

Textile Fundamentals

Textiles are basic raw material for apparel. The objective of this course is to provide the detailed knowledge about fibres, yarns, fabrics and; their processes and methods involved for the construction of textiles.

Elementary Tailoring Techniques

Students will be introduced to the techniques and basic construction details for women clothing and kids clothing of different age groups from infant to teenagers. The study of the patterns making and garment construction techniques for kids and women clothing will form the basis of this course.

Fashion Figure Drawing

This subject forms the foundation of fashion designer’s work as it helps a designer to come up with original ideas. Students will be introduced to the basics kids and female illustration and use of different drawing tools and mediums of color. This course will help the students to develop the understanding of figure proportions of kids and women.

World Art and Appreciation

With this course student will develop observation skills by looking into history of world e.g. painting, costumes, sculptures etc. by exploring and analyzing their functional, decorative, symbolic, or conceptual aspects.

Surface Ornamentation

In this subject the students will understand about different techniques used to enhance fabric. This course will help the students learn different types of machine and hand embroideries.