5 Tips to Make Your Room Look Bigger


There are actually many ways to make a small room looks spacious—of course without renovating it. From color schemes and fine art to optical illusion, here are few ideas to make your room looks bigger.

Take off your bulky window coverings
If you don’t do this properly, this trick could leave a space too bare. Depending on your type of window, if you take off window coverings altogether, it could give the space a more architectural feel, and it will certainly let more natural light in. But if you need some window covering (considering privacy issues or anything), you can choose to streamline them, so they don’t take over a room. You could also shorten long flowing curtains so they don’t pool on the floor or try tying drapes back tightly.

Keep your room tidy

wide room 2It might sound no-brainer, but any kind of clutter in a room makes it looks smaller and cramped. Keep clothing in closets, glasses and dishes in the cupboards and books and music on their respective shelves for a streamlined look that opens up the room.

Use mirrors

wide room 3This is also a trick to make your room looks bigger. A few well-placed mirrors add the illusion of depth to a room. Mirrors make a room look less closed-in, and they appear to add light sources to a room since they reflect light.

Use One Large  Painting

wide room 4Fine art lends aesthetics and a sense of timelessness to your home. However, scattering small paintings or prints all over the walls will make a shoebox-sized home look smaller and more congested than it already is. Invest in one life-size three-dimensional scenic painting on canvas. You can also paint the wall yourself.

Paint with light colors

wide room 5A room’s color scheme has more impact on the overall appearance of the room than any other single factor. Light-colored paints like sky blue, soft pink or mint green can make a room look more cheerful, bigger and brighter. Light colors reflect light to help illuminate a room.

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