5 Feng Shui Design Tips for Your Kitchen

5 Feng Shui Tips for Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is the power center, according to Feng Shui, and represents the true heart of your home. It is believed that when the Feng Shui of the kitchen is in balance, good health, prosperity and abundance will follow.

Follow these 5 simple Feng Shui design rules for your kitchen to elevate the life-force energy in your home:

Kitchen door

Kitchen door must not face your bedroom, as the smoke will make the one living in the room dizzy and easily cranky. It also must not face the toilet door. Kitchen is the source of the family food, so it must be prosperous. It must avoid toilet that is a place of filth. Moreover, kitchen represents fire element while toilet is water element, so it is not in harmony.

Kitchen colors

Cheerful and vibrant colors are the best for your kitchen, as they convey a sense of health, happiness and vitality. Pick the color that makes you feel good and is a good backdrop for the meals you prepare. If you are unsure about what color to use, white can provide a perfect backdrop for other color accents to work with your particular kitchen.


Place a mirror over your stove to multiply the number of burners (source of income) and put yourself in what is called the power position while you cook. This also allows you to see what’s going on behind you all the while your abundance potential.

Kitchen clutter

Keep your counters clean and clear of non-essential items. Try to organize and store things that you don’t use every day, so they don’t need to be cluttering up your counters. This creates energetic space and healthy chi (energy) for your kitchen.


According to Feng Shui, the stove is considered the most important element of the kitchen. A stove should not be placed by a window, as the wealth energy is said to be able to escape easily out of the home. Cooking islands are usually excellent solution as their central placement allows the cook to remain in command of the kitchen and oversee what is happening throughout the kitchen. Make sure that your stove is always clean and isn’t surrounded by clutter. A dirty stove is thought to deplete the energy and drain finances.